Birth of the Universe: The Story

Saturday August 3
at Bethany in the Mary MacKillop Precinct
4 High Street, Kensington
Presented by Jennifer Callanan

We shall be re-awakened to our common origins, 13.8 billion years ago, appreciating our interconnection with all that is – and, yes, knowing that we, and all of Creation, are originally blessed since the first our pouring of Divine Love. The workshop will be experiential, including an enactment of the story of the birth of the universe, with insights from Laudato Si (Pope Francis), Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.
Our sense of awe and wonder will be stirred together with practical applications for the staff, the classroom and other settings including family and parish.
This day is suitable for all adults. It is also approved by CESA as a System Accredited Module for teachers, requiring the submission of a 1500 word reflection paper

Cost: CESA Accredited $95, Adult Full $70 or Adult Concession/Pensioner $45
Registration: by July 27 through TRYBOOKING
Inquiries: 8130 5916 or email