SA History Festival: Mary MacKillop’s Josephites …156 years of ‘Reimagining’

This year’s  SA History Festival theme is Reimagining.

In his presentation inspired by this theme, Peter Cahalan, inaugural SA History Trust CEO, will explore the story of how a religious order founded in mid-nineteenth century South Australia has been one our most durable enterprises. He’ll explore how the order established itself from the outset as uniquely flexible and ready to adapt to changing circumstances. It’s a story of generations of amazing women reimagining a changing role for themselves as the society around them changed and threw up new kinds of demands. Theirs is a fascinating past with lessons for us all today.

Following Peter’s presentation, Mary Ryan rsj, Mary MacKillop Museum Director, will lead a guided tour of the Museum which actually showcases how the ‘Joeys’ creatively reimagined and adapted to new challenges.

  • Mary MacKillop Precinct: Bethany Centre, 4 High Street Kensington. Please note: Street parking only
  • Sunday 22 May 2.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Cost: $10 per person – includes Museum entry fee
  • Registration essential by Thursday , 19 May.
  • Enquiries and registration: Phone 08 8130 5910 (Tuesday-Sunday) or email:
Image: Artist – Veronika Dimac, In Joy International. Used with permission of the artist.