The National Pilgrimage, ‘In the footsteps of Saint Mary MacKillop’, goes to many places associated with Mary MacKillop’s life and ministry.

This is a unique opportunity for participants to absorb some of the aspects of her life and appreciate anew her role as our Australian Saint.

Places of pilgrimage beckon people to touch and get caught up in the atmosphere and spiritual realities that belong to their origins. However, it is not only the site that takes people deep into the heart of their faith, but the journey itself.

A pilgrimage is a very personal experience but it is usually a journey with others: seeking, listening, reflecting and seeing the hand of God at work in our own lives.

This Australian Pilgrimage, begins in East Melbourne on 23 October – 3 November, goes to many of the places associated with Mary MacKillop’s life and ministry and concludes at Mary MacKillop Place North Sydney.

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